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Expect cat pics galore!

Hi everyone – welcome to Femme FIRE! For those who are new to the Financial Independence (FI) community, FIRE is an acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early. We’ve started this blog to document both our own journey to Financial Independence, as well as to try and provide tips, stories, resources, and guidance while you’re on your own journey.

We are a team of thirty-somethings (and two cats) who have real-life experience with the ups and downs of becoming not only financially secure, but working on becoming financially free.

I wanted to take a few minutes to provide some immediate resources to anyone who happens to stumble upon our page. Here are a few of the websites we regularly use for inspiration and to keep an eye on our finances.

  • CreditKarma.com – Credit Karma is perhaps the best resource to keep an eye on your credit score on a day-to-day basis.

  • MrMoneyMustache.com – The O.G. of Financial Independence bloggers, MMM (as he’s known in his tribe) is actually a guy named Pete from Colorado. He retired in his 30s and is now living the life of his dreams as a carpenter without having to worry about money.

  • FrugalWoods.com – Liz Thames and her husband Nate decided one day that they wanted to live in the woods in Vermont (they lived in Cambridge, MA at the time). They saved their money like Imelda Marcos spent money. They bought a beautiful house on 60+ acres in Vermont and live their Frugal Woods dreams with their two daughters. This blog is a personal favorite and is so honest and lovely that I just had to mention it! Liz wrote a book (affiliate link) that explains how they did it. I devoured it in a day!

  • The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn – This book (affiliate link) is an absolute must for anyone starting on a Financial Independence journey. Amy Dacyczyn is a graphic designer / writer from Leeds, Maine. She chronicled her family’s ‘tightwad’ ways in a newsletter back in the 90s, and this book is the compilation of all the newsletters. You’ll find great ideas (anything-you-have-lying-around muffin recipe), funny stories (how to actually pronounce Amy’s last name), and mildly cuckoo reader suggestions. This book is absoloutely great. You won’t regret the Dacyczyn (hint) to buy it!

So, welcome to FemmeFIRE. I hope you enjoy!

  • <3 Caroline

P.S., Full disclosure: This blog is a side-hustle for us, which means we are using it to earn a little extra money. Links within our posts may contain affiliate links. If you find our information helpful, we appreciate you purchasing the items we recommend through our links. This won’t cost you anything extra, we just earn a tiny commission from your purchase from the website you bought from (usually Amazon). We don’t ever want to mislead anyone, so we are being 100% truthful about our links. Thanks so much!

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